Techno Sail Company is a private limited liability company established in 2005 in Algeria under name Bird International Engineering Company and headquartered in Egypt.

Techno Sail Company has performed as a leader in providing engineering solutions and procurement management for the construction industry.

Techno Sail Company is an integrated end-to-end service provider in the field of electrical and mechanical installation and has provided innovative solutions to customers since its inception in 2005 in Algeria, it is a company established by a group of engineers whom accumulate several decades of experience in projects control. has successfully participated in more than 25 Electro-mechanical projects during the past Seven years of the company old, many of which are large or special applications.

Techno Sail Company is a company managed by technocrats in the field of Electro-Mechanical Contracting and Trading and is enjoying better reputation for developing Hi-Tech Services and activities in the following fields:



Electro-mechanical contracting: including the EPC of building services



Techno Sail is Agent and Distributions of many electro-mechanical product


The management of  Techno Sail Company has set up a quality control plan that represents the company quality policy. This plan had been set up in order to meet the requirements of codes, standards and regulations governing the project specifications.

Techno Sail Company quality control policy prepared based on the fact that, plan is the main tool required to overcome any potential negative consequences, in order to achieve a confidence level for the end product our quality plan is to focus on the following:

  • Regular inspection, testing and professional site supervision.
  • Implement full documents control system for all project activities.
  •  Early problem detection to facilitate timely corrective action, thereby minimizing the amount of rework and avoiding potential schedule delays.
  •  Implement a strong organization chart that can deal with the project technical requirements and company quality control policy.
  •  Implement detailed time schedule, which should match the project base time schedule.


Techno Sail Company is totally committed to a policy of prevention, reduction and elimination of all undesired events that could or do result in loss.

To protect the interest of Techno Sail Company and its client at all times and to eliminate using materials that have undesirable environmental side effects, Techno Sail Company has embarked on a safety and environmental program which will encompass all sections and areas of Techno Sail Company operations.

The specific objectives of this program are:

  • Environmental consideration to be a part of the decision making process.
  • Pollution prevention and compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Prevention of accidents to persons.
  • Prompt accident notification, investigation and reporting.
  • The establishment and maintenance of a safe, healthy and productive working environment.
  • Protection of property, equipment and material from all downgrading incidents.

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