Seismic & Wind Restraint and Vibration Isolation Solutions

If you need help with seismic & wind restraining or vibration isolation for your HVAC equipment, make sure you call Acrefine Engineering’s authorized partner in Egypt Techno Sail Company.

Our services are available to companies in the commercial industry and mechanical & electrical contractors across the globe, so whether you need good quality products or engineering services, we are the company to call.

Acrefine aim is to serve the global construction and industrial markets and meet their challenging needs, helping to reduce the risk involved with earthquakes and high pressure winds. We have engineers specializing in many specific fields, including (but not limited to) non-structural and structural seismic engineering, vibration isolation and acoustical control.

Acrefine also have a wide range of seismic and vibration products to assist construction, including Seismic Isolators and Snubbers, Vibration Isolators, Thrust Restraints and Isolation Hangers.


Vibration Isolators and Hangers