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Air20 is the next generation hybrid air conditioning system, utilizing a unique combination of indirect and direct evaporation cooling to achieve 80% energy saving over Direct Expansion (DX) compressor based systems.
Air20’s unique ability to become hybrid and incorporate traditional DX or chilled water cooling means Air2O can be employed throughout the world and provide energy efficient cooling without compromise.
Air2O Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IDEC) Technology has a truly global reach, with applications and solutions that are best-ofbreed, regardless of environment or climate. Using intelligent control systems and innovative, efficient cooling technologies saves up to 80% on energy usage when compared to traditional cooling systems. From cooling large office spaces in Europe to thermal energy recovery of shopping malls in the Middle East to outdoor cooling of football stadiums and theme parks in Asia to pharmaceutical storage and process cooling in the USA, Air2O has a system to accommodate.


AIR2O Intelligent Cooling