I. Contracting

Electro-mechanical contracting: including the EPC of building services

Electromechanical contracting; including the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) of building services like:

Heating ventilation and air conditioning systems

Detection and protection fire systems of automation and management technical building safety electronics -the access management, intrusion detection systems

Plumbing Works

Fluids -water, air, gas networks

Electrical current forts -Post delivery, TGBT, lighting systems

Electrical current low -Networks it and telephony

Systems integration

II. Trading

Techno Sail is Agent and Distributions of many electro-mechanical product

Techno Sail Company is Agent and Distributions of many electromechanical products that the following:

Air Conditioning equipments Chillers, Fan Coil Unit and Air Handling Units.

Air Distribution Outlets and Dampers.

HVAC and Plumbing Works valve controls and all Accessories.

Techno Sail Company keeps apace with advancements in installation methods and services.

Techno Sail Company has the resources and skills to maintain schedule need, high quality and minimize costs.

Techno Sail Company has the ability and flexibility to implement all site activities under stresses and successfully complete construction, testing and commissioning matching the project’s completion date consequently follow up at warranty period, correct punch list items, fulfill specification requirement if any comment discovered till the project final acceptance certificate.